Kairos Research: Bridging the Gap Between Humans and AI

We are a small business in Dayton, OH, comprised of highly skilled researchers with deep expertise in the areas of natural and artificial cognition.

What We Do

Kairos Research fuses insights from cognitive science and AI research to create new technologies that maximize the complementary strengths of human and machine cognition. Our researchers are passionate about developing human-in-the-loop AI systems (and vice versa) that conceptualize AI more as a teammate than a tool.

What We Offer

We perform high-risk, high-payoff research at the intersection of human and machine cognition for clients in industry, academia and government. Our work has broad applications across multiple commercial and defense-related sectors. We seek not only to improve existing social-technical systems in which AI is a critical component, but also to create new human-machine teaming paradigms altogether.

Why Choose Us

Human cognition is amazingly versatile but is prone to well-known biases and failure modes. Conversely, modern AI systems are impressively fast and accurate, but are often brittle and unable to adapt to new situations and contexts. Because our researchers understand the complementary capabilities of both natural and synthetic intelligence, we are uniquely qualified to design hybrid systems that maximize the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of both.