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Kairos Launches New Supply Chain Data Analytics Project for the Air Force

Kairos Research was recently awarded a Phase 1 contract from the Air Force to explore the feasibility of using artificial intelligence (AI) to help procurement officials within the Department of Defense identify new suppliers for critical emerging defense technologies. Mr. Srikanth Nadella, a Senior Software Engineer at Kairos, is leading the effort in collaboration with…

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Kairos Research Wins Subcontract to Support DARPA’s Habitus Program

Kairos Research was recently awarded a subcontract by Raytheon BBN Technologies as part of a multi-disciplinary research effort supporting the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Habitus program. According to DARPA’s website, Habitus “seeks to capture and make local knowledge available to military operators, providing them with an insider’s view to support sound decision-making.” Residents…

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